Import Datafields

Hey there,
I’m searching for a way to create Datafields in a (semi) automated way.
My first idea was to import Datafields with file shipper, but this Type is not to available to chose. Then I thought maybe it is possible with the configuration baskets, but I only can create a basket with Datalists. The last thing I searched was with the Rest API, but I didn’t find a command to solve this problem.

Thanks a lot


Hey there,
I found a workaround, not very sexy but usable:
I created a JSON with a host template where nearly nothing is defined, and in the same JSON it is possible to create a section “Datafield”, with the definition of the data fields.

Hi there. I looking for the same way to create Data fields in Icinga Director but i just can’t get it. I mean i do it via Rest API put the vars.x_x (e.g vars.ping_timeout) it shows in the preview, if it has value, but in the Data fields nothing changed. if i change the uploaded template it delete the vars. Can you show me the JSON file what you used? btw: im new with icinga & my english is very bad. thanks.