Import Datafields from prior Export

Hey there,
I want to export my data fields from the Director config and reimport it on another instance. The configuration basket does not support data fields, so I tried to do it via cli. The export
icingacli director export datafields > /tmp/datafields.json

works fine and I get a very nice JSON. When I want to import the fields with
icingacli director import importsources < /tmp/datafields.json

ends with following error:
ERROR: ErrorException in /usr/share/icingaweb2/modules/director/library/Director/Objects/ImportSource.php:92 with message: Undefined index: source_name

Director Version: 1.7.2
icingaweb2 Version: 2.8.2
icinga2 Version: 2.12.1-1

Thank you for your tips


You are trying to import the exported datafields as importsources, therefor the data do not match the required attributes.

Hi Dirk,
but there is no other option for the import operation. Is there a other was to export and import the datafields?


I tried this on our test environment. the Import of the json is possible.

But it seems in the tab for the sync rules is no option to import vars: