Ignore a mounted Disk check_disk

Hello, I want to ignore one mounted Disk in a Linux system.


How can I accomplish that?
In my Director, I have a Service Set called Lin_Disk
I’ve created the Field “disk_ignore_ereg_path” and set a filter as seen in the screenshot below:

Is this the wrong way to do it?
Could please someone give me a hint?
Thank you.

The data field is the correct way to go, but show based on filter is for showing fields only if needed like showing community when snmp version is 2c and user and password when it is 3.

So simply create the field without the filter and then navigate to the host in the director and on the service tab you will find a list of all services, select a service and you will get the option to override a field or deactivate the service.

If fields are not shown, you probably not used a template for the service containing the check command and so it could not lookup the correct fields.

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Hello, thank you.

Could you please give me advice what syntax I need to use to declare the mounted disk correctly?
As seen in the screenshot it does not recognize the volume.
I’ve tried it with “xxx” and ‘xxx’ too, didn’t work either

Not sure about, but as it tells you it needs paths defined to use the option, you need to define them first with anotzer option. The mentioned -A would be the easiest one, which you can set by defining another field “disk_all” as boolean set to true (“Yes” in the director if I am correct).

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It was disk_partition_excluded, I’ve used disk_ignore_ereg_path.

Thank you for the help!!