Ifw - Invoke-IcingaCheckPartitionSpace - Wrong output: "Size is greater than threshold"

i’ve setup an icinga installation and adding windows systems to it. One of the windows sserver 2016 system have a false output of the “Invoke-IcingaCheckPartitionSpace” ifw plugin.

Free Partition Space: 1 Critical 3 Ok Partition E: (99.95% (499.70GiB))
_ Partition E: 99.95% (499.70GiB) is greater than threshold 95% (474.95GiB)

That does not make sense. The threshold were defined for 95 % critical and 80 % warning.

Hope someone can help.

Edit: I add more systems to icinga2 and the error appears on multiple systems. Till know there is no things thats are equal above the systems.

Hi @teqqy ,
First things first: Is the E: filesystem 99.95% full or empty?

Hi. Thx for the reply. It’s 99,95 % free.

I think there is a command line parameter which works as a switch to decide which way this works.
Or you could just use Invoke-IcingaCheckUsedPartition

But shold this issue not be on all systems if the check is configuried wrong? I have about 40 windows vm in my icinga instance and just about 5 have this issue.

hm, could you add the exectued Command here, so I can see what is actually happening?
If you are using IcingaDB you find that in the “Source” tab of the service.

Of course. Thats no problem. I reactivated the thresholds.

Output in icingaweb2

 Free Partition Space: 1 Critical 1 Ok  Partition D: (98.04% (98.03GiB))
\_  Partition C: 74.33% (73.13GiB)
\_  Partition D: 98.04% (98.03GiB) is greater than threshold 95% (94.98GiB)

Execute command due to icingaweb2
'C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe' '-NoProfile' '-NoLogo' '-ExecutionPolicy' 'ByPass' '-C' 'try { Use-Icinga -Minimal; } catch { Write-Output '\''The Icinga PowerShell Framework is either not installed on the system or not configured properly. Please check https://icinga.com/docs/windows for further details'\''; Write-Output '\''Error:'\'' $($_.Exception.Message)Components:rn$( Get-Module -ListAvailable '\''icinga-powershell-*'\'' )rn'\''Module-Path:'\''rn$($Env:PSModulePath); exit 3; }; Exit-IcingaExecutePlugin -Command '\''Invoke-IcingaCheckPartitionSpace'\'' ' '-Warning' '90%' '-Critical' '95%' '-Include' '@()' '-Exclude' '@()' '-Verbosity' '2' '-IgnoreEmptyChecks' '-SkipUnknown'

I still have the issue on some systems after switching to the api checks

'curl' '--verbose' '--tlsv1.2' '--fail-with-body' '--connect-to' 'vmdoccap01.tim.de:5668:localhost:5668'
'--cert' 'C:\ProgramData\icinga2\var\lib\icinga2/certs//vmdoccap01.example.com.crt'
'--key' 'C:\ProgramData\icinga2\var\lib\icinga2/certs//vmdoccap01.example.com.key'
'--cacert' 'C:\ProgramData\icinga2\var\lib\icinga2/certs//ca.crt' '--request' 'POST' '--url' 'https://vmdoccap01.excample.com:5668/v1/checker?command=Invoke-IcingaCheckPartitionSpace'
'--user-agent' 'Icinga/v2.14.0' '--header' 'Accept: application/json' '--header' 'Content-Type: application/json'
'--data-raw' '{"Critical":"95%","IgnoreEmptyChecks":true,"SkipUnknown":true,"Verbosity":"2","Warning":"90%"}'