IFW: ifw-api conflicts with older linux clients


we still have some RHEL 7 systems with Icinga2 2.13.6 running. EOL of RHEL 7 is somewhere in the middle of next year. We’re upgrading those systems, but we still have a lot of work to do.
The problem is, that Icinga 2.14.0 can’t be build for RHEL 7 because of dependencies to boost.

When we import ifw-api in the ‘PowerShell Base’ command for our windows systems, we get ‘Last zone sync stage validation failed’ on all our 2.13.6 clients because then ifw-api is undefined on those systems.

Server OS: RHEL 8.9
Icinga2: r2.14.0-1 (Build from Source)
Icinga Web 2: 2.11.4
Icinga Director: 1.10.2

Client OS: Windows Server 2022
IfW Version: 2.14.0

We have four zones defined: director-global, master, and 2 satellite zones.

Is there any way to get the ifw-api for windows up and running, without blocking those old clients?

Thanks in advance!


can you update director to 1.11? because this version will provide a fallback command for ifw

another option would be to split the commands and templates in two global zones. windows / linux to avoid needing the ifw command on your linux machines

Thanks for the information. I will give it a try when I’m back in office next year.


Thanks again! The director update solved the problem!