IDO master - set prefered host

Hi all,
my both master server have a local DB, where the DBs are in a mariaDB master-master replication.
I want, that the IDO connection is built on my first master node and only on the second, if the first is down. Unfortunately (doesn’t matter, what I try) the IDO connection is always built up from the second master. Is there any way to set a prefered master for the IDO connection?


Hello @MarcusCaepio!

Have you tried to rename the IdoMysqlConnection object in /etc/icinga2/features-available/ido-mysql.conf from ido-mysql to something else?

Attention: They shall be named equally on both masters.


How should renaming help to set a preferred server for the IDO conenction?


This topic might help. :slight_smile:
I created it before seeing this thread.

Well ok, the order was correct, but indeed, changing the name of the ido connection did the trick… never thought about this, thanks all