IDO database apply retention policy to an entire database

ido-mysql feature has an attribute cleanup where you can specify table names to set retention policy. How would you apply to the entire database without writing down every table name?


you dont have to write down every table, only the ones listed under cleanup items in the docs.


So the other tables in an Icinga database don’t accumulate data?

By the way, is it just because you want to enable it or do you have problems with you ido or ido size?
What i can recommend to run the ido tunings via cronjob once a week.


I don’t have problems with IDO database size, I just wondered if there’s a built mechanism in Icinga to set retention policy.

EDIT: is the proper way to use cleanup attribute the table name needs to be appended with “_age”, .e.g. tableName_age = 30d ?

Hey :slight_smile:

In this list of cleanup items for IdoMySqlConnection you can find the list of cleanup items.

I don’t know about a proper way to use the cleanup attributes, I would’ve tried using placeholders for keeping my configuration short though.

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