Icingaweb2 on Satellite

I am currently finishing a Master - Satellite - Setup. The two nodes are already connected (using the node wizard on the satellite), as I found out from my icinga2-logs. I furthermore configured icingaweb2 on the satellite and am using director on the master.

When going through the graphical icingaweb2 node wizard on the satellite(!), I had to configure multiple dbs, which I thought would by synchronized automatically from the master - together with further add-ons like the director. So I guess I am still missing a point about the synchronization process. Apart from this missunderstanding, I cannot find my satellite on the master’s icingaweb2-frontend.

So, let me break down my doubts into two independent questions: 1. How do I get to show up my satellite on my master’s icingaweb2? And 2. What do I need to configure in my satellite’s icingaweb2 and what is being synced from my master? In case I need to manually add the host to my master’s icingaweb2, is it possible to make this process automatic using director?

Any help is very much appreciated, I am kind of lost at this point. Thanks in advance!

You first need to complete zone and endpoint objects. This can only be done within zones.conf files

Just add your satellites as host objects in the director

It depends on what you wanna achieve. Which objects are sync depends on the selected zones.

With director you can import from many sources.

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This is done and working.

Ok this was simple :sweat_smile:

Could you please explain this a bit more in detail, please? I do have a “director-global” and “global-templates” zone defined on both, master and satellite. I assume configuration done on the master’s director is being shipped to my satellite via this process, do I need to configure director on the satellite by hand for this to work, though? And is it possible to configure the setup to trigger the installation of icingaweb2-addons (like director or x509) or DBs like IDO or the configuration of e.g. the monitoring module on my satellite?

Ok but what kind of source would such a satellite be, i.e. how do I need to configure import sources/sync rules/jobs in order to automatically add a host to the director once the csr-sign-process finished succesfully?

Host and services objects are required at your master and your satellites. The director takes care of them, nothing needs to be done additionally. New command objects are required on the nodes where they are executed. As I’m not using director for commands, I’ve created additional global zones linux-commands and windows-commands on master and satellites as well as corresponding agents. Don’t know how to do with director tough.

icingaweb2-addons cannot be installed automatically with icinga’s features. Same belongs to IDO.

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Just did some tests: Director puts new command objects into director-global by default. Means you needs to have this global zone on every node. If don’t want to have Linux command on Windows machines and vice versa, you could created additional global zones as I have described in my last post.

Ups, missed that one. For this kind of automation you need some additional scripts e.g. icinga-powershell-framework or the old and deprecated icinga2-powershell-modul (to get an idea to how to automate). Or even better using DevOps e.g. Ansible, Chef, Saltstack etc.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: