Icingaweb2 not displaying graph

I am trying to setup graphing for the icingaweb2. I installed graphite and enabled graphite in icinga2 and icingaweb2 but the graph is still not showing. I noticed that in the icingaweb2 under “Configuration->Modules->Graphite” I don’t have the backend and advance tabs. Also, on the menu (left side pane), I don’t have “Graphite” item either.
Appreciate the help.

Hello @hnguyen!

Are you sure you’ve actually enabled the Graphite module?


I just ran into the same problem - turned out to be permissions on the graphite module in /usr/share/icingaweb2/modules - they were 700 and the directory was owned by root.

Our asinine security group requires us to set umask 077 in /etc/profile. And even though I’m used to having to type umask 022 before doing real work, I forgot about the fact that the graphite.sh would spawn a new shell and get the umask 077. :frowning: