Icingaweb2 no exportable host/service history


use an icinga2 3 years ago and very, very good. But i miss a little thing:

a service is too freqently jumping. I wanted to collect when to do it (it happened almost every minute)

in the case of Overwiew/Services, the dropdown menu contains the five menupoint : 2 add and 3 export (pdf, csv,json)

now, i open a service, here no this menu. No problem
However i open a service history - not here either :frowning:

but i open any entry - here is…Why ?
i not need a pdf with one entry :slight_smile: I need the history list (not pdf, csv is good)

attache image

btw, i collect the list from mysql - but not too easy (search serviceevent id first, and so on)

You can also search for the host/service in the event history. (History -> Event Overview) There you can export the list just fine.

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Oh, thanks !
Works perfectly :slight_smile: