Icingaweb2 monitoring module backend resource type file

I have been using Icinga for sometime. Since upgrading to Debian 11, Icinga is no longer available, so I have been trying to set up Icgina 2. I am trying to configure Icingaweb2, specifically the monitoring module. I have tried configuring the backend and see there are options for Resource Types “file, ssh, ldap, mysql”. I have tried selecting File. It’s not exactly clear what the filepath or indeed the pattern should be set to. I’ve had a look at the docs and I don’t see any mention of “file” as a resource type and searching on a well-known Internet search engine has failed to offer any clues. Please could someone advise how one should set this up?


I don’t think you need this resource type at all. You seem to be setting up Icinga 2 and Icinga Web 2 from scratch. Have you read the migration documentation?

For a first time install of Icinga Web 2, you should also use the wizard. It’s available at /icingaweb2/setup, once the setup module has been enabled. (icingacli enable module setup) It will guide you through all the required steps to setup the monitoring module as well.

Thanks. I have browsed the migration document. I was unaware of the setup wizard. From what I can see Icinga 2 wants to share status info with Icingaweb2 via MySQL? Are there other ways to achieve the link as I’m not entirely keen on my monitoring being dependent on my DB infrastructure.

No. What you were previously using is probably the livestatus API or the status.dat. Livestatus has been deprecated (and already removed, not sure) in Icinga 2 long ago and the status.dat got never introduced.