Icingaweb2 Module X509 getting only IP-adresses

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As reqeusted i opened a new topic for this question:

First of all, it works fine for me, the jobs are running and the certificates are correct discovered.

But under the section “Certificate Usage” there is instead of the hostname only the IP-address of the hosts.
I couldnt figure out why this is happening.
Is there something missing from my side?

Debian 9
Icinga r2.11.3-1
Icingaweb 2.7.3

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Update: i droped the database from x509 and started a new scan job, again 60% of all hosts got only the ip-address. Some hosts are getting the hostname too. This looks very random for me…

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One more thing to this module.

I implemented the hosts and services for this module without using the Director.

Is there a way to extract the certificate information?
Reason behind: with the notification i also need some details about the certificate, something like “Serial Number”, “Subject Key Identifier” and “Authority Key Identifier”.

Do i miss something from the ITL for this module?

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Hi Chris,

We’re using a reverse DNS lookup via gethostbyaddr() for the provided/generated IP addresses.
I can only imagine that the server running the scan jobs cannot resolve particular addresses.

Could you please open a new issue for the information you’re missing from the check command?

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Hey Eric,

thanks for this information i will check if and why my server cant resolve the addresses.
Yes i will open a new issue for what i need.

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