Icingaweb2, master and satellite: is it possible to show checks from satellite keeping it indipendent from master?

Hi all,
I’ve got an Icinga2 instance running on an Ubuntu 18.04 server.
It has Icingaweb2 attached and correctly showing check results.

I would like to have a second Icinga instance running on a Raspberry Pi.
The second instance should run indipendently from the first but the first should be able to show the second instance’s check results on Icingaweb2 and to clients connecting to its API endpoint.

Is a master / satellite setup enough to achieve such a result?
Should I consider installing the Diretor mudule?

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By show, do you mean in it’s own copy of Icingaweb? You would use the same database for both in a cluster. So essentially, whichever one is running the Icinga IDO database, you’d point the config for icingaweb2 to that one’s IP.

If both servers are in the same place, you probably want a pair of masters instead of a satellite. What are you doing that brings a Pi into the equation? Is this a lab for study? Hobby project?

This can be a heavy read, but this is most of what there is to know about clustering Icinga. https://icinga.com/docs/icinga2/latest/doc/06-distributed-monitoring/

At the moment it is just an hobby project.
I’ve got a server with a public ip (the Ubuntu one) and an RPI behind an ADSL router.
They can reach each other over a VPN.
Yes, I could just exec some checks over SSH from Ubuntu and run just a single instance of Icinga, but I also wanted to have an indipendent way of dealing with notifications on the RPI server.
In a datacenter deployment thath could lead to a web frontend (on Ubuntu) aggregating data from all the RPIs and to the RPIs being able to send notifications by a remote mailserver (using Ubuntu as a relay) and by something local like a GSM modem.

I think I see what you’re getting at and I have similar master to satellite tunnels in production.

So I think I know what you mean now,

  • Ubuntu server monitoring itself and what’s hosted nearby
  • Raspberry Pi monitoring in-home things
  • All alerts visible from Icingaweb on the Ubuntu server

Is that correct? That is a standard master/satellite setup. As long as the Pi and the master can communicate and the in-home things know that they’re in the satellite zone, everything should come up in icingaweb no problem.

EDIT: that was an incomplete reply on my part,

If you enable the Notifications feature on your Pi, whatever notification objects you put inside that zone’s configuration folder will be specific to it. Be specific with your apply rules, such as I want this zone to send email through my Ubuntu relay or I want Ubuntu to send directly. If you want something fancier, I recently found out OpsGenie has a free tier so I’ve got a pager hooked up to my home server :smiley: