IcingaWeb2 Grafana Module Login Problem

Hi Everybody!

I am currently building a new Icinga2 Cluster with 2 Masters and one Database Server with MariaDB, InfluxDB2.

On each master I have:

  • icinga2
  • icingaweb2
  • grafana

On the database host I have:

  • mariadb
  • influxdb2

I added the IcingaWeb2 Grafana Module Version 2.0.3

I configured the module on both servers to use the iframe mode to maintain the best expierience.

on the master 1 everything works as expected:
to see the dashboard, one login to grafana and then I can see all the graphs for each host / service

but on the master 2 when I enter the login credentials in the iframe of grafana it shortly say ok but then redirects me to the login page.

on icingaweb at master 1 I point to grafana on master 1 and on icingaweb at master 2 I point to grafana on master 2.

But when let icingaweb at master 1 point to grafana on master 2 it works fine and when I let icingaweb at master 2 point to grafana at master 1 it does not work.

So it seems that there is a configuration issue on icingaweb2 grafana module. but the configuration is fine, when I enable graph debug and check the urls used for iframe it shows the exact same path on different servers (imported the dashboard with same id) and they are both accessable and working fine when viewed outside from icinga.

And now I have no idea where I could check for any logs or problems? Does somebody have any hints on that?

Thanks in advance!

Just to answer that:
Today a lot more stuff was not working, and the problem was because we installed the latest patches (2023-07) on our DCs (I did not know that) and now I need to have some special permissions on the bind account and also need to use ldaps.
Now it is working fine.

unfortunately, I was to early, I dont know what happened but now it does not work anymore. icingaweb2 on master1 works, on master2 it does not work. It does not matter which grafana server I use as the backend for icingaweb2 grafana module. This has been testen with firefox so far.
Now I checked everything in Chrome, and it just does not work on any instance. It just keeps asking for credentials. Does anybody has a hint where I could find some logs or anything about this? Thanks!