Icingaweb2 & grafana & influxdb working dashboard


I use “icinga2 version: r2.14.2-1” with “Icinga Web 2 Version 2.12.1” and “PHP Version 8.1.27” .
I want to visualize the performance data.
So I installed “InfluxDB v2.7.5 (git: 09a9607fd9) build_date: 2024-01-05T17:17:04Z” and
“grafana Version 10.3.3 (commit: unknown-dev, branch: main)”.
I downloaded the “icingaweb2-module-grafana Version 2.0.3” and installed it in icingaweb2.
In influxdb2 there a lot of icinga perf data.
With the GUI query builder from the inluxdb web gui, I can see the data.
Than I tried to create the dashboad from the template , I can`t see any data.
And when I try to show the data in the icingaweb2 icingadb section, there are no data displayed.

is there a working influxdb2 (in flux language) dashboard for grafana/icingaweb2 ?

best regards

I started with a default dashboard here: https://github.com/RincewindsHat/icinga2-influxdb2-flux-dashboards

Maybe that helps.