Icingaweb2 docker container on hub.docker.com

Trying to pull the container, doesnt work:

PS D:\docker_containers\icinga2> docker pull icinga/icingaweb2
Using default tag: latest
Error response from daemon: manifest for icinga/icingaweb2:latest not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

Anyone else? Icinga on docker dead?

Hi Daneil,
The problem is the tag, there are no latest tag.
I use master :
docker pull icinga/icingaweb2:master

I see two tags master and database-configuration-backend-3770
But I don’t know the meaning may be anyone can help us :slight_smile:

Best regards,
Emilio J.

True, tag is missing. I would expect such a project to have the containers clean…

Emilio, how did you manage the configuration of the icingaweb2 container? I see no documentation anywhere, how to connect to the database etc.

First note that you must configure a volume for /data in order that configuration will be persistent.
I use web wizard. It’s a easy way.

Best regards,
Emilio J.

So, I see that /data is mentioned in the Icinga2 Conatiner. Is that true for icingaweb2, too? And what is Web-Wizzard? You got a link?

Yes, behavior is similar to icinga2 master.
If you try to connect to web and it’s not configured you get the wizard.

Ah, I see. Thx. I still don’t really understand the config of the Icinga2 container, but we’ll see…