Icingaweb2 / Director Commands

Hello everybody,

I am looking for 2 commands for the Icinga / Icingaweb2 / Director backend, maybe someone can help me.

Number 1. How can I hide monitoring objects that do not need graphana graphs.

Number 2. How can I hide the own host in the debug log?

Thanks first to all …

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Where should these objects be hidden, and which parameter will tell that they don’t need these graphs?

Which debug log are you talking about?


Hello Michael,

Number 1. Checks such as ssh or scripts such as Check Password (result = password hash is OK) which only have to output a text and do not need a graphical representation. It is currently displayed under Icingaweb2 / Host / Services (No Data Output) because the checks do not provide graphics.

Number 2. icinga2 feature debuglog :slight_smile:

Here there is an option that the own host is not displayed at check in the debug log. That’s what Hr. Stein once mentioned in a webinar, but I did not find it anymore. Not connecting to Endpoint … because that’s us …

Thanks for your help

Hm, by creating your own custom dashboards and filtering for enable_perfdata you may do that. Once that works, adopt those filters to the roles and permissions and grant that to your users.

In terms of hiding something in the debug.log of Icinga 2 - never heard of that, that’s a debug log and should show as much details as needed for developers and lastly users.


Thanks for your, we use Grafana and InfluxDB.

I’ll post a sample configuration soon