IcingaWeb2 change php73-fpm port

i’m change the php73-fpm port from 9000 into 9001, because the port of 9000 is used by another service, but when i start the icingaweb2 service it shows that the php73-fpm is not started, so i assumed that the icingaweb2 still use the old port that 9000 and not 9001, how to change the configuration for php73-fpm port in icingaweb2 ?

systemctl status rh-php73-php-fpm.service

the result :

php73-fpm active port :

IcingaWeb2 error :

IcingaWeb2 error :

Backend unavailable
It seems that the PHP FPM service is not running. Make sure to start PHP FPM service in order to access Icinga Web 2. If you upgraded Icinga Web 2 recently, make sure to read the docs regarding PHP FPM, also locally available under /usr/share/icingaweb2/doc/02-Installation.md.

You will need to adjust the port in your apache/nginx configuration or alternative in your php-fpm.conf (refer to your screenshot for the full path)