Icingaweb nagvis integration authentication not working with REMOTE_USER


I stumbled over a old issue again today.

Does anybody had the problem and fixed it or can contribute any pointers?

This is very annoying as we use REMOTE_USER for the dashboards and the nagvis integration would be great to compress the global view from the business process module onto one screen full.

Hello there!

I’m afraid that is not the right place to bring this up, as the community forum is not the first place for the developers to look :slight_smile:

I can give our devs a little nudge about this one, if you want to, but it’s usually better to just pop over to GitHub again and remind them yourself :slight_smile:

Have a nice day,


Thanks for your reply.

I hoped that the wisdom of the community would yield a answer.

Sure I will bump the issue on GitHub and pester the devs :wink:

Also a nice day,

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