Icingaweb 2 - Director - Migration .conf to director

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Is there any way to control the configuration of the hosts.conf, services.conf and all *.conf files, via the Icinga2 director ?

i thought i could migrate the icinga2 database to the director database, but there i’m missing some tables like: icinga_hosts, icinga_services…
In the future we want to use Icinga2 only with the database. So we need a connection between the director _db and our configuration database.

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you can not “migrate” the files, but you can use the Director “import” function to import items from the DB.
You will need to define the sources ,each item category is a different source : hosts , services, hostgroups etc`.
by the sound of it the import will be based on SQL query so make sure to provide the correct SQL statement in the source definition to capture only the objects you want to import.
You can find the documentation on how it is done here:


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