IcingaForWindos check installed components version

Might be a silly question but how would I check the currently installed IcingaForWindows version on various windows hosts?

Is there an easy way apart from writing a new check?

I get the versions listed by selecting overview on the Icinga shell, but I actually want to check the installed versions on a daily / weekly base.

Component Version
agent 2.13.7
framework 1.10.1
plugins 1.10.1
service 1.2.0

Normally they should be upgraded automatically but sometimes this gets stuck & sometimes upgrading from version x to y need some special handling.

To me this sounds like a perfect task for a Icinga check :wink:

Maybe you can use the DSL to report the version and use a dummy check that just reports your DSL results.

Could also be a feature request for the ITL.

I had that idea, but couldn’t get the DSL to report a specific version string…
Might have to dig deeper.

OK, I played around with Icinga DSL but apparently Icinga For Windows (Powershell Framework, Plugins,…) cannot be queried by using the DSL.

  • You can write an Check using Powershell and deploy it to the agents
  • You can write a Check using Powershell and the IcingaPowershellFramework
  • You can write a check using powershell code inside your check command like here: General Windows system information