Icingadbweb2 v1.1 + Icinga2 r2.14.0-1. : Error in "About" Section

Hi all,
installed a new master server with IcingaDB and IcingaDBWeb only with the Ansible collection
Although everything seems working so far (haven’t configured any checks yet) I get an error in the About section. Health checks in Icingaweb are green.
Anyone an idea where this comes from and how to fix it?

Thanks and cheers,

Hey, I suppose that goes away once you defined a configuration database in the general configuration.

Thanks Johannes, you are absolutely right. This should be set in the ansible role too. Will create an issue for this in the collection.


Okay. Though, the stacktrace isn’t that helpful as well. So please also open an issue for Icinga Web, if you’re already at it. :wink:

not sure, if this is a icinagaweb2 oder icingadbweb issue :wink:

It is Icinga Web 2 :wink: