IcingaDBWeb Filter History Notifications

Morning all,
I am trying to filter my “History → Notifications” for a specific user only. Tried to use the filter
Notification Users Notified (History) = User
Notification Users Notified (History) = *User*
both give an empty result. How can I filter the notifications for a specific user?


this works on my machine:

ok funny thing the notifications are from feb 2022, and I’am sure I got some more since then
I think you found a bug

Thanks for this. Your filter works in my cluster. Although it is based on the events tab, not the notifications tab. But I am additionally missing a filter for the notification command, e.g. I want to filter for notifications by mail ( we have several notification ways beside of mail).

i get the same result on page:

but still these are not all notifications

Correction: It is not working correctly. I just get “Service recovered” notifications with this filter. So yeah, looks like sth. is wrong with the filter…

but this works:

users_notified is a number. What you’re looking for is indeed user.name(_ci).

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Thanks Johannes.
Any idea how I can filter by notification command, e.g. via mail ?

That’s not possible, yet. But shouldn’t be a problem, please open a feature request for Icinga DB Web.

Done: Additional filter for Notification Command · Issue #652 · Icinga/icingadb-web · GitHub

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