IcingaDB supported on FreeBSD (Ports, Packages)?


I’m running a huge Monitoring-Environment (>20 Nodes) completly on FreeBSD 13.x. Currently, I’m using IDO-DB, but I see that support will be removed in the future.

Are there plans to support FreeBSD, e.g. in form of maintaining a “port”? Has anyone tried to build icingadb on FreeBSD? It is written in go, so in theory it might work.


Hey there,
there most likely won’t be any official support for FreeBSD from Icinga, I’m afraid.
Icinga on FreeBSD was always a community project, so I’m positive that IcingaDB for FreeBSD is something that will come up sooner or later.

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Thank you for the information, Feu.