Icingadb-redis.conf contents

Hi All,

I accidently deleted the redis conf file - /etc/icingadb-redis/icingadb-redis.conf. Now when i am trying to reinstall redis the conf file is not automatically being generated. Also i could not find an example of icingadb-redis.conf in icinga documentation. May you please suggest how can regenerate the conf or give the whole contents of icingadb-redis.conf

I use https://github.com/Linuxfabrik/lfops/tree/main/roles/icingadb and lfops/roles/redis at main · Linuxfabrik/lfops · GitHub to configure it via Ansible in a deklarative way. I can recommend this approach very much to solve such issues.

The original configuration can be extracted from an installation package. For example, I went with the Debian package for icingadb-redis.

$ dpkg -c icingadb-redis-server_7.0.12-1+debian12_arm64.deb | grep 'etc/icingadb-redis/icingadb-redis.conf$'
-rw-r--r-- root/root    106676 2023-09-06 11:37 ./etc/icingadb-redis/icingadb-redis.conf
$ dpkg -x icingadb-redis-server_7.0.12-1+debian12_arm64.deb .

Afterwards, the config should be available under ./etc/icingadb-redis/icingadb-redis.conf.

I have attached this very config file to this post: icingadb-redis.conf (104.2 KB)
But, to be safe, please verify this against your icingadb-redis version.