Icingadb notifications with correct icingaweb2 link


I am using icingadb RC2 in my environment. As I know from icinga2 with ido-mysql and icingaweb2 monitoring module: I can configure notification_icingaweb2url in notification template to get icingaweb2 link in email notifications. But with icingadb I get the icingaweb2 link referencing to the monitoring module, but I use the icingadb module instead of the monitoring module. What can I change to get the correct link?

  • Icinga DB Web version (1.0.0-rc2):
  • Icinga Web 2 version (2.9.6):
  • Web browser: Chrome
  • Icinga 2 version (r2.13.3-1):
  • Icinga DB version (v1.0.0-rc2-dev):
  • PHP version used (7.4.28):
  • Server operating system and version: Debian 11 (Icingaweb2 is running in docker)

That’s hard-coded into the notification scripts:

You could change them, they’re probably located here: /etc/icinga2/scripts/

For hosts it should be: $ICINGAWEB2URL/icingadb/host?name=$(urlencode "$HOSTNAME")"
For services: $ICINGAWEB2URL/icingadb/service?host.name=$(urlencode "$HOSTNAME")&name=$(urlencode "$SERVICENAME")"

Please also open an issue over at Github so that this can be influenced by configuration, maybe.

Thanks @nilmerg,

I opened a new Issue on Github:

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