IcingaDB best graphs module?


I a fresh installed Icinga2 based on IcingaDB and Director.

Now I want to visualize my outputs in graphs, to see some up and downs from service results over the day/week/month…

What is the best and easiest module to install that based on IcingaDB? I dont want to have something like grafana, that I have to switch to another browser-page. I want that for every host/service.

Maybe someone knows something and has may a installation tutorial for that. The internet is full of that but most is for monitoring module…

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Hello Philipp,

I would still have Graphite on offer as a suggestion. However, Graphite has its own web interface just like Grafana. By the way, you can view Grafana directly in Icinga and also change the times in Icinga.

If I want to read out my Grafana I do this mostly directly via Icinga2 and not via the Grafana webinterface.

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I´m currently using Icingaweb2 with InfluxDB and the Grafana-Plugin, but I don´t know whether the plugin works with IcingaDB.
Within Icinga I use “Standard” checks like ping for the hosts and for other tasks I use dashboards inside Grafana.
Hope this helps

I do not yet use IcingaDB, but we use icingaweb2 with InfluxDB and Grafana too. I use iFrames to embed the graphs into icingaweb2. This is much faster than the solution with the grafana renderer. See also my pull request here: Add link when using iframes to have iframes without using the grafana-renderer and still have links to Grafana by mdicss · Pull Request #300 · Mikesch-mp/icingaweb2-module-grafana · GitHub

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