Icingacli does not allow an update of a syncrule

Hi all

Icingacli does not allow updating a syncrule with

icingacli director import syncrules < json_with_additional_property.json
(error: syncrul xyz already exists)

nor with

icingacli director basket restore < json_with_additional_property.json
(no error, but no effect)

The basic attributes of the syncrule like object type, update policy, etc. can be updated with basket import, but not the properties.


Icinga2 r2.14.0-1
Icinga Web 2 Version 2.11.4
director 1.10.2

Hi all

Perhaps I have not explained exactly what I mean. I save a basket snapshot of a sync rule. Later I add a property in the saved json and import this modified basket snapshot via icingacli, but the sync rule remain as is.
Is this a bug? Will it be fixed? Or is there for some reason so intentional?