Icingacli directory modify assign where value


I have cloned a notification with this command and it allows me to change the user with the --users option.

director notification clone "test clone2" --from "A. Frincu-hosts-mail" --users "N. Test"`

Now I would like to know how I can clone this notifcation and also change the
assign where host.vars.notif_mail_users ?

As you can see here it still has the old user name A. Frincu

$ icingacli director notification show "test clone2"
apply Notification "test clone2" to Host {
    import "Generic-host-mail"

    assign where "A. Frincu" in host.vars.notif_mail_users
    users = [ "N. Test" ]

I have tried adding --vars.notif_mail_users “N. Test” but this doesn’t change it.
Also I tried with the set command but so far no luck.


I found the solution, no need to reply