Icingabeat run on satellites?

i’m trying to set up icingabeat to send the event stream to kafka (or somewhere else) and wondering where it needs to be set-up in a distributed icinga set-up. if we have a single master and multiple satellite zones (each zone with 2 satellites) - can icingabeat be run from each satellite?


in a distributed setup icingabeat should connect to one of your nodes in the master zone. It does not matter which of both, since both of them share the events with each other. Connecting icingabeat to the satellite would lead to icingabeat collecting only results from this particular satellite. The master zone however has knowledge about results from all satellites.

ideally that’s how we want it - using a single, lightweight master used only to push configs while all the satellites push check results to kafka/elastic. is there a possibility that there could be duplicates from both satellites in a zone or is each satellite independent regarding check results in the event stream?

Hi, even if you have two Satellites in one Zone, you won’t have duplicate results at your master.