Icinga2 Windows agent not automatically restarting after host reboots

Hi all,

latest version of Icinga2/Icingaweb, but old windows agent 2.8…

Have more than 1000 windows hosts in the pool and when they are restarted, in some cases they come up and the icinga2 agent is not running so I have to manually restart them all. Was this fixed in a later agent version, was it a known bug/issue? I have Windows Server hosts ranging from 2012 to 2019.

Is there any hint in icinga2.log or Windows event log?

2.8 is pretty outdated and not supported as mentioned here. With 2.13.x on your parent(s), your agents should have 2.11 at least.

Thanks Roland. I did look through the Icinga log but there wasn’t much there. Will check the Windows eventvwr too, good idea. I think the upgrade of the agents has to happen as it’s quite a difference in recommended version VS reality/current.