Icinga2 use of Proxy


We have Icinga2 running on Ubuntu16.04 and noticed when we initially configured the proxy (for connecting to external HTTPs services), the monitoring we use Icinga2 for was still working (connecting to a HTTPs Rest API). Does Icinga2 not utilise the proxy configured on Ubuntu? For clarity, we configured this in /etc/environment.

Just looking to understand this better as I would have expected it would.

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Icinga running the checks (scripts, binary, commands) via shell. So the best way to test is you run the check command manually. The checks are running with the icinga-user. So you could test thist this with

sudo -u icinga /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/check_http …

If this doesn’t work it’s a sign that the configured proxy doesn’t apply to the icinga user.

You could configure the check command “check_http” also to use the proxy. in the docs you’ll find examples for that: https://www.monitoring-plugins.org/doc/man/check_http.html

Small correction: Icinga runs under the user nagios on Ubuntu/Debian systems.
On CentOS/RHEL/SLES systems the user icinga is used.

We use CentOS :wink:
So this is only an example for @ grkay777