Icinga2 training in *** English ***

hello guys

anyone interested in Icinga traninig in Eglish? it’s a rare stuff :smiley:

two events on Dexor, Icinga2 Training Schedule | Dexor Services

the first one (Fundamentals) was postponed so there is still a possibility to join

This isn’t an advertisement :slight_smile:
I just booked it for me and waiting to set up the class.


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Glad you found the training for you!
We have tried offering english ones before, but they were never very popular :frowning:
Hope this changes and that you’ll have some great days of learning! :tada:

sadly still waiting … @theFeu do you have some insight from NAM region regarding training in English? As I remember there was an announcement that Icinga has a partnership there?


So, we don’t schedule regular trainings for the NAM region, as there have not been a lot of requests that reached us for that yet.
But we have done it on request before, so just shoot us a message through the official contact form on our website and we can see if we can make it work!