Icinga2 - to Monitor the Growth rate on Windows Disk

HI Team,

we have been using the Disk & disk-windows commands to check the threshold on windows drive utilization & send the alerts…

But we got a requirement to monitor the growth rate on drive… suppose there are log files which growing rapidly on drive that can eat whole space in minutes–hours… I have been looking options with icinga2 to monitor the growth rate? is it possible? Can someone please help on this?


Can anyone give an advise on this? thanks in advance

I’d search a solution in the area of perfdata. We use InfluxDB and it has math functions to calculate such values (but I’ve not been using it tough). To make it visible in icinga this plugin seams be a good option.

Roland - thanks for your update…

i have been using graphite…plugin is not going to work for me… But you stated perfdata… I have been thinking through the changing the perfdata for disk alert… Based on the screenshot below… we can make formula something like (max/value)*100 to calculate growth rate? if i am thinking right, can you advise how can we change this perf data? i have changed perf data & i just kept default


Many thanks in advance

if you are using Grafana for visualizing the metrics, you could create dashboards for this. And if the rate is higher it should there should be something like a alert. For Icinga you create a short script to access the Grafana API.
My colleague tested this a while ago and it worked. But we don’t use this in the production now. Because there is no need or requirement for this from other colleagues at the moment. So we stopped testing.

will not help in any way. You need perfdata over longer period of time. Using Graphite or InfluxDB or any other time series database will help you to reach your goal. I’m not familiar with Graphite but I’d assume it has math functions as well.