Icinga2 - SNMP Interface Utilization of Vendor MIB OIDs


This is my first post in Icinga community.

I need to monitor some legacy devices in Icinga using SNMP (only method supported by device)

The vendor specific MIB OIDs (NOT IfTable) are real-time counters and I need to have the Interface delta usage, also want to generate alerts when over utilized.

Which plugin is best for this? I tried the snmp plugin but it just gives me an OID result back, I need to have delta calculated between current poll and the previous poll to get that interval utilization generate an alert if its above a threshold.

Also looked in to manubulon check_snmp_int.pl, but that one have the ifTable OIDs and other OIDs hard coded.

What is the best approach to get this done in Icinga2?

Do I have to write my own script to get this done? Does Icinga support such a custom plugin/script? If yes, how do I do it.?

Sorry lots of questions.


I’m currently wondering the same thing. Querying specific OIDs seems fine, but if you want to read a lot of of counters it seems impractical to go through and setup each one. I too can’t find anything documentation detailing the best strategy,

check_iftraffic64 is an easy one, where the oid are in the script and easy to change.

For collection of usage data for multiple interfaces at once, you can use check_nwc_health link from @lausser. But on this one I hadn’t found out, how to check usage AND up/down status at once, as admin down is a critical there.

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