Icinga2 SMS notifications from sattelite


We have a setup with master and a few satellites.
The satellites are spread over South Africa, America , Europe.
We have implemented SMS notifications via a script that does the same as the mail-host-notification but instead of the mail command it uses the SMS command.
However, our master is in Europe which is fine, because to send SMSs in europe is not a problem, but sending them over other continentes it’s a bit expensive.
Is it not possible to make the local satellites send this notifications ?

Thank you in advance !


sure, you can create notification apply rules and assign them exclusively to those satellite based objects. The scripts and modems must be connected to the instances in that specific zone then.

object Zone "south-africa" {

apply Notification "sms-south-africa" to Service {

  assign where host.zone == "south-africa"



Thank you for the reply.

We use icinga director to deploy config.
I have managed to create a notification template , but now i receive notifications from both master and sattelite.
Below it’s the configuration .

 Apply Notification "test-sattelite" to Service  {

 import "SMS Notification Satellite"

 assign where host.zone == "satellite"
 users = [ "user" ]


Thank you very much.

I’m using this assign rule for a similar approach

assign where host.zone == ZoneName

It’s a good idea to verify the ZoneName in every of your constants.conf


And only with this assignment you get notifications only from satellites ?
Because with this i get them from satellites but also from master, and i don’t want them from master.

Thanks !

Yes, each of the satellites and the master are sending mails for their objects only.

Right, I forgot about this trick with only creating the objects when ZoneName matches. Thanks for bringing this up :+1: