Icinga2 remoute servers

Hey. I am engaged in the selection of a monitoring system for our company. My task is to set up a monitoring server in the local office so that it monitors remote servers that are located in the remote datacenter.
Is there an instruction on how to set it up in Iсinga2?

Hi @Sondrex,

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If you’re able to connect to those remote servers from your monitoring server, you don’t need to do anything different then with locally running servers.

If you aren’t able to connect there, you can use a satellite that runs in that datacenter and talks to your master. That way you need only one connection from your local environment to your datacenter. You can either have the satellite connect to the master or the other way around, depending on your firewall setup and other restrictions. Have a look at the distributed monitoring section in our docs to learn more about that.


This is a completely standard setup for Icinga.

Start with https://icinga.com/docs/icinga2/latest/doc/02-installation/ and
https://icinga.com/docs/icinga2/latest/doc/04-configuration/ and work your way
on https://icinga.com/docs/icinga2/latest/doc/06-distributed-monitoring

Feel free to ask here if you encounter problems or have specific questions.

If/when you do, please remember to give us enough information to understand
whaere you’re starting from and what’s happening, such as:

  • which version of Icinga have you installed?
  • which operating system are you running it on?
  • how did you install it?
  • if you have a problem, what are you doing, what do you expect and what is
    happening instead?

That sort of information makes it much easier for people to help than if
someone just says “I followed some instructions and they don’t work” :slight_smile:

Good luck, and have fun…


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