Icinga2 reload - "your database isn't able to keep up"- Root cause determination


I’ve been seeing this message in the log on the secondary master lately and trying to figure out the root cause. This is on Icinga2 2.5.1 cluster with 53K services and 8K hosts and 15 Zones , each zone has 2 satellites.

I don’t see a system resources issue on the secondary master and on the IDO-Mysql server. However I suspect, the DB might be needing some tuning.

Has anyone out there dealt with this message and found a solution?


Hello @monigacom!

Does the message stop re-occurring?



Yes it does reoccur time to time seen when the “reload/restart” happens. After a few mins it will stop.


Then your solution is: doing nothing at all. You don’t have an actual problem.