Icinga2 Ping Hostalive - To reduce Noise

Hi Team ,
Ours is windows workshop & we are receiving all the time with Hostalive alerts. & we are not able figure out which one is critical & which one is not… For windows i see RTA is sometime huge & sometime not… Whenever RTA is more I do see alert & but actually there are no issues with those servers…

I would like to understand the best practice for windows boxes & how to configure hostalive check correct?

Can you please advise on this?

***** Service Monitoring on SLC-ICINGA2-01.nicholas.int *****

hostalive on aws-ps-01.NICHOLASANDCO.AWS is CRITICAL!

Info: PING CRITICAL - Packet loss = 0%, RTA = 252.74 ms

When: 2020-05-10 13:44:32 -0600
Service: hostalive
Host: ******************************
IPv4: ******************************

Please ignore this… i understood & this is resolved

Hello there!

Did you mean to withdraw the whole post?
Or does the original question still stand?

Have a nice day

Yeah… i was not able to withdraw my original post… Actually i have been using the ping4 for both ping & hostalive check… didn’t realize we have hostalive check with 5000ms default RTA… i had to update replace ping4 with hostalive to get the correct metric.

I am happy to take any suggestions from you


you should be able to withdraw any post you make, try clicking the three dots under your post, there should be the option :slight_smile:

When it comes to the correct metrics, it’s hard to tell what you need, without more information about what you want :slight_smile:
It’s a very individual decision…

Have a nice day,