Icinga2 Monitoring Teams in the Azure Cloud

Hello Everyone,

does someone happen to know a plugin with which MS Teams can monitor in the Azure cloud.

Icinga shouldn’t send messages to teams, just check whether the application is available in the Azure cloud.

“PS1 files are not supported”.

Maybe someone happens to know a Python script or something similar.

Thank you for your support …

Hi @xxandyxx

what do you mean with

? What is not supporting PS1?

Checking real availability of MS Online services is a little hard, especially for Teams for several reasons:

  • Teams is somehow a “hub”, makeing use of several other services you would have to monitor as well. I added some overviews that might help to separate the services you need to check.
  • Teams make use of some kind of “microservices” internally. So even when being able to log in you might have service degradation because messages can’t be sent, calls can not be made, presence service is not working, or you get a nasty error message when logging in, …

So on the one hand it might be possible to have some kind of script stuff that manages to log in successfully to some service endpoint, but this is unfortunately not a real availability check.
I would recommend to check the service degradation messages of MSFT instead: