Icinga2 - monitoring docker eviroment


I did resreach regarading monitoring docker enviroment. For now it seams that Prometheus/Node_exporter/Cadvisor is better solution. We can set up additional Prometheus and give Prometheus task to scrap information and then develop python script which Icinga2 will use to fetch info from Prometheus … or even we could leave out Prometheus and use only node exporter/cadvisor, then develop python plugin which icinga2 will use in polling process …

Icinga2 is our standard monitoring system and we need solution how to monitor environment where we have docker containers.

my question’s:

  • is there any more intelligent or more elegant solution for this request to use it beside with icinga2 (best practice)?
  • do you have exp how to monitor microservices with icinga2?


Hi just to give you update regarding this topic, we have setup on test env Prometheus/Cadvisor and develop check docker plugin in python. Icinga2 is using that plugin to fetch info about some docker from Prometheus and Prometheus is scraping CAdvisor. Now we are able to monitor our docker swarm test enviroment :slight_smile: .

When it will be done I could update solution on github with python script.


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