Icinga2 (Master) Complete Installation Script

Hi All!,

Is there any way to install Icinga 2 (master) with a single “Enter” using a .sh script?

To be more precise the script I’m thinking should do something like this:

  1. Add Repository
  2. Install Icinga2
  3. Install Monitoring Plugins
  4. Install MySQL DB
  5. Icinga2-ido-mysql
  6. Set Up the Database
  7. Enable IDO MySQL Module
  8. Install WebServer / Icinga2 Web
  9. Setting Up Icinga 2 REST API
  10. Get Setup token

Is that possible?
I tried to search on many sites however I couldn’t find anything.

If nobody never did it I’ll try to do it by myself however, I would like to know if it’s possible, if it has any limitation or maybe someone already did it. I think it’s worth to ask here first.

Thanks in advance for the help!

I don’t think that there is a “fire and forget”-script.

Your may use this blog post as a reference for your script:

If you don’t mind using docker there is also a unofficial “full” one available, including many modules - But I don’t have a link right now.


May be it is useful for someone.Still need to edit
icinga_complete.txt (17.3 KB)

contains Master0 primary secondary director agent installation on centos 7

Best Regards,


Thanks Sreekanth! I’ll take a look to the file and test it, looks really useful for me :slight_smile: