Icinga2 list of what can be monitored

Is there a list of what can be monitored by Icinga with out the agent and with the agent? I want to see what’s available and compare it against what’s available with Micro Focus SiteScope.


Icinga relies on check plugins which can check nearly anything, from a typical server as an agent, to network hardware to even an IoT enabled device, like your washing machine.

In case there’s no plugin available, and a daemon or script fires events, such can be passed in as external check result via the REST API as well.

That being said, a list and comparison with other tools is quite hard. I would focus on the other things available - dashboards, reporting, visualization (maps, metrics, etc.), integration with log event management tools, automated deployments, etc.


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Sadly the Icinga monitoring capabilities can not be summed up in a simple document because it is limited by the imagination and the coding capabilities of the community.

To get a measure of the things Icinga can do, go to https://exchange.icinga.com/, and see what is available.

to try and simplify it, i can say this : if it has a port , it can be monitored without an agent.
if it is internal to the OS, you may need an agent ( but we do consider SSH as an agent for that purpose) , your call.