Icinga2 Linux Agent reports Disk Critical Permission Denied


I am having an issue with Icinga monitoring linux check_disk function. I have installed the agent via the script from director and it seems to be monitoring other checks just fine. However when it runs the disk check I receive the following:

DISK CRITICAL - /mnt is not accessible: Permission denied

I even went so far to give the icinga user it created via the script local administration rights to grant access but still is a no go.

I haven’t been able to find good documentation on the web for any fix action so I am posting this in an effort to gain some traction. I can build an Icinga Server and get it functioning with my eyes closed but I am completely lost when it comes to plugins and agent configurations…

Thank you in advance for your time!

For debugging such errors I usually switch to the icinga user via sudo -u nagios bash and run the check manually. With you can also try to optimize file permission.

A different approach would be to exclude this directory and to monitor the target directly by install icinga’s agent or using a remote check plugin.

Awesome! Internally to just /mnt it works just fine, however the folder within he has permissions denied. So, it appears I need to exclude that in the service however I do not know how to do that in director.