Icinga2 Kubernetes Monitoring

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On Icinga Camp Berlin 2023 there was a Sneak Preview of Icinga Kubernetes Monitoring (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHyshPVNDvg), which looked very promising. At the end the speaker told that there was yet no code available on GitHub but maybe next month… well this was now 4 months ago.

So my question is if there is by now anything publicly available to test?
I’m not looking for production ready code or something like that, just something to test, maybe alpha or beta stage. I’d be more than willing to provide feedback and report any found bugs or errors.


I suspect the focus is on GitHub - Icinga/icinga-notifications: Icinga Notifications: new and improved notifications and incident management for Icinga (work in progress, not ready for production yet) and GitHub - Icinga/icinga-notifications-web: Icinga Notifications Web — Manage incidents and who gets notified about them how and when as without them the k8s module can’t really notify users.

It’s like the vSphereDB module that isn’t doing any notifications for new servers and virtual hosts, if you don’t setup director imports and icingacli check that watch the information from the vSphereDB module.

Sadly this approach will not work very well for k8s as the information in this module can’t map as easily to checks and notifications on services on hosts.

There is however a icinga2 check module using the k8s api for alerts, like PV is too full or deployment is not at full size. :wink:

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Thank you for the answers.
I have seen the other possibilities to monitor k8s and I’m looking into them but was explicitly interestet in the new k8s module… It seems I just have to be a bit more patient. :slight_smile:

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Recently we released an initial version of Icinga for Kubernetes: Introducing Icinga for Kubernetes