Icinga2 isn't saving data

Hello, I’m using icinga2, version 2.10.3-1, debian 9 and postgresql11, everything works fine, but when I consult the ido’s db I see that the tables icinga_hostscheck and icinga_servicecheck are totally empty. I need to get historical information from the monitoring via db.
In other icinga versions, I had not had this problem.
perhaps the information is being stored in another table? or do I have a configuration problem?


the *_checks tables are not populated as they are not needed by Icinga Web 2 and other visualization layers. These tables originate from the 1.x schema where one thought it was a good idea to store each check result without later aggregation. Modern TSDB do that, and a RDBMS is not made for this. As such, the default DB IDO categories remove everything which would harm the overall performance.

The data you’re looking for is stored in statehistory, downtimehistory, notifications, etc. and used by the History tab in Icinga Web 2.

If you’d want to have the check results stored somewhere else, I’d suggest to use the API event streams and a custom daemon/script which stores that somewhere. The Icingabeat does the very same for example.