Icinga2 how to ping from one machine to another machine to monitorize a vpn tunnel

I learning about icinga2. i would like to monitoring one simple vpn tunnel from icinga.

ICINGA_SERVER —> Router1 (IP internal1 ) ----> Router2 ( IP internal2 )

How i can do a ping from Router1 to Router2 (ip internal2) using icinga2, plugins, etc…

Note: I can not ping from icinga server itself ( fw rule ) so only it is posible from Router1 to Router2.

Thanks in advanced!.

Can you do a ping from Router1?

If you can, then it’s probably possible the get Icinga to do it, but it
depends on how you can tell a router to perform a ping test.


Yes i can do a ping from Router 1. My router is a linux machine so i can do a simple ping. But i dont know how i can do with inciga. I installed the icinga2 angent in Router1 but not sure how i can say to the agent in the Router1 to ping the Router2.

Ah, this “router” being a Linux machine with Icinga installed makes a big
difference :slight_smile:

The setting you want to make is “command_endpoint”. That is what determins
where the service check command is run from, so set this to the Icinga
hostname of Router1 and it will do what you want.


Thanks!!! appreciated!

I am new to Icinga2. Would You like to guide me about how can I do this configuration at Icinga2? I will be very thankful if you can guide me in this context.