Icinga2 host on master zone and satellite

I’m having an issue which hopefully somebody can point me in the right direction or offer a workaround.
I’ve got various hosts and services defined on a master zone (defined by director) and all working great. What I now need is to setup a satellite (done, wizards completed and config gets pushed as expected) to send a single service check (ping for latency) back to the master.
The issue is that the host does not exist on the satellite as it’s only the service that is defined as a satellite service not the host (the main hosts monitoring is done on the master).

Therefore the satellite fails to start as the host does not exist:

[2022-06-17 08:41:32 +0000] critical/config: Error: Validation failed for object 'MYHOST.FQDN.NET!service-EXTERNAL-ping' of type 'Service'; Attribute 'host_name': Object 'MYHOST.FQDN.NET' of type 'Host' does not exist.

I don’t want the host fully monitored on the satellite, just the single ping service i’ve defined, but cannot see a way to let the service check run without the host being defined on the satellite.

One possibility was to ‘hack’ a solution, on the satellite write my own script that would create the hosts but do nothing with them. I’m unsure if this would cause an issue on the master though.
(My thinking, check for the /var/lib/icinga2/api/zones… data for services and host_name definitions and generate an /etc/icinga2/ hosts config with dummy checks and results)

Any thoughts?
Icinga2 version r2.11.3-1


You could try a misuse of command_endpoint for that single service:

command_endpoint = “< your satellite>”