Icinga2 + Graphite - No error messages but graphite sends an "500 internal servor error"


I set up graphite with Icinga and ran into a new problem. Icinga works fine, websites are loaded and I get all value and alerts I need.
I installed graphite for a better visualization of performance values.
I set up graphite with nginx. Everything seems to be ok, but only the contens of graphite give me a “500 internal server error”.
I analyzed all logs came in mind:

  • Graphite logs written by nginx are fine, only in acces-log I get the following message:
    [04/Nov/2019:19:48:06 +0100] “GET /metrics/expand?query=servername.services.Disk_C%3A_-_Free_Space.disk-windows.perfdata.%2A.value HTTP/1.1” 500 32 “-” “icingaweb2-module-graphite”

  • All other NGINX logs are clean, no erros.

  • Carbon logs under /var/log are clean, all other errors of wrong retention intervalls are eliminated

  • UWSGI log is clean, no error

  • All Icinga2 logs under /var/log are clean, no error messages

  • The whisper files are written. I can finde the value files of the request at the whisper directory.

There are no other hints I can find what’s going wrong.
Do you have any ideas? I am wondering …


I got the solution for this problem. I had a “tail” on the uwsgi logfile and missed the mentioned error.
First he didn’t find django really:

File “graphite.wsgi”, line 11, in
from django.conf import settings
ImportError: No module named django.conf

This seems to be a problem with python.
This is my graphite.ini:


vacuum = true
master = true
processes = 4
chmod-socket = 666
gid = _graphite
uid = _graphite
chdir = /usr/share/graphite-web
wsgi-file = graphite.wsgi
pymodule-alias = graphite.local_settings=/etc/graphite/local_settings.py
buffer-size = 65536
plugin = python

Than I changed “plugin = python” to “plugin = python3” and got the next error in mentioned logfile:

PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/var/log/graphite/info.log’

I set this logfile to “777” and graphite is working now.
The next steps is to find out why graphite write the following message instead og graphs:

No graphs found

Some graphs show this message and others are empty.
Do you know a logfile where a better information may be placed by graphite?
I cannot find any error message …