Icinga2/Graphite/Carbon not reporting perfstats

I’ve gone through quite a bit of doc, and at this point I believe I have everything setup correctly, but the only stats being collected are ping. I don’t really know where to start. Graphite shows the ping graphs, so it looks like that all is set up OK - I just don’t get any other perfdata than the pings. What kind of diagnostics can I use?

Icinga2 log shows these:

[2023-08-10 09:16:35 -0500] information/WorkQueue: #10 (GraphiteWriter, graphite) items: 0, rate: 84.9833/s (5099/min 25657/5min 77145/15min);

I’ll be glad to add any files you may want to look at. I just don’t know where to go here.


Did you set

enable_perfdata = false

for the stats not working?
(Maybe imported from a (generic) service template)


Greetings back. All of the templates, and hence the targets all have enable_perfdata = true, and I’m getting ping data. Just none of the other stuff.

Perhaps central to the conversation is the plugins I am using. I am using SNMP plugins to get the data from the servers, so no agent or nrpe. Do I need to do the wrapper command as described at
at the bottom? If so, what would that look like?

The SNMP plugins are from Resources - Monitoring Plugins - Transitiv Technologies. They should work out of the box, I thought.